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Just Call Me Morbid Mike

I'll be the first to admit it, this hobby and passion of mine unearthing stories in cemeteries is a bit odd. There I said it. My friends and family who have been dragged along during my morbid adventures are now probably nodding their heads in justification and approval.

History has always been something I've had a fascination with and I guess by visiting a gravesite that is the closest physically you'll actually get to that person. Sure, you can go into a museum and see items that belonged to them but there's something about seeing their final resting place that is both cathartic and moving.

Visiting these burial sites also allows me, and now you, to learn their stories. That is the whole purpose of this site is to educate about those that laid the foundation for us. As a teacher, history of course, I used to always tell my students that each and every day they were creating a history for themselves and creating a wealth of memories for other about them. They might not be one of those individuals that make the history books, but in the end that does not really matter. What matters is to leave a positive history behind.

I had a grandmother that I loved dearly. She had a rough life but I never realized the extent of it until I became an adult. I just remember her as the woman who would play me in basketball, sometimes even beating me because I am most definitely not the sporty type and also as the woman who I would trick into watching scary movies. One time, I managed to get her to watch A Nightmare on Elm Street with me and every time Freddy Krueger would pop up to filet his latest victim, she'd scream out "Her's that boogeyman again" while covering her eyes through the carnage.

Grandma Clements in her favorite pink suit

Although she died when I was only 12 years old, she created memories for me that are just as present for me as when they happened so long ago. That's what I hope to get across with this site is to reveal the stories of those who can no longer speak to us except through memory.

Grandma sending me off on my first day of school. I was thrilled.

As you took this morbid journey with me, I will share stories of well known individuals and also lesser known people like my dear grandmother. I invite you to please subscribe, share and tell me about people you'd like me to cover.

All the best,


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