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This tour was fantastic!  Our guide, Mike, not only told us stories about the downtown Tampa area, he also provided interesting oddities from around the State and historical anecdotes.  I am new to this area, so learning some of the history (especially the spooky bits) behind the buildings and streets I see everyday was absolutely wonderful.  He even passes out little EMF detectors (which actually went off near some places!).  I completely recommend this tour to anyone looking to learn more about the area (and who enjoys being scared). 
                                                  -Laura T.

"Had an amazing time!  Interesting and spooky.  Mike was the perfect guide into world of the unknown.  A "must do" in downtown Tampa!"

                                       -Tara and Jon Perez 

Tampa The.jpg

This is one of the most interesting, fun, scary, and informative tours I have been on (not just including the Tampa area). Even though I am a Tampa native I learned so much about buildings and streets that I have passed everyday. Tampa history typically eludes to Ybor and its Cuban cultural history but there are so many interesting stories from the Civil War era, the Civil Rights movement, and even the Indian removal acts that I had never considered as having an effect on my hometown. Not to mention the creepy ghost stories! To learn that I worked next to a building that is haunted gave me the chills! 
                                                         -Stephanie P.

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